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Explore our exclusive varieties of affordable lab-grown diamonds designed for every customer’s needs. From certified to loose diamond parcel, we got it all covered for you.

Why Lab Grown Diamonds is your go-to option?

Meraya provides an exotic collection of Lab Grown Diamonds


Sustainable choice

Quality Assurance

What is a Lab Created Diamond?

Would you be excited if we told you diamonds can be manufactured in a lab? Lab created diamonds are the technology product that converts carbon seeds into the diamonds. The phenomenon of creation of real diamonds takes place under the mother earth at extreme pressure and temperature conditions. Whereas for the creation of lab grown diamonds the scientists replicate the same process but in the laboratory. The creation of these diamonds is similar to the process of farming in a greenhouse.

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Our Process

We craft your dream into reality. Our painstaking efforts for crafting lab grown diamonds make us unique and valuable. We wholeheartedly follow “The customers wish is our command” and craft diamonds that the customer wants.
We keep in mind the 4 C’s- Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat and inculcate the 4 C’s in our diamonds. Every lab grown diamond crafted at Meraya goes under the proper grading and certification process. Once it is certified, it is displayed for sale.

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We are coming soon with an exclusive collection of authentic jewelry crafted with lab grown diamonds. We will be gradually adding our collection on the website. If you want to order jewelry or want additional information, you can reach out to us by clicking at the “Inquire Now” tab.

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