Our Process - Meraya

Meraya’s process of diamond creation

We craft your dream into reality. Our painstaking efforts for crafting lab grown diamonds make us unique and valuable. We wholeheartedly follow “The customers wish is our command” and craft diamonds that the customer wants.

There are two processes- High-pressure High Temperatures (HPHT) & Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) used to create lab grown diamonds. HPHT is a process in which the carbon seeds of the already existing diamonds are inserted in the machinery and treated under extreme pressure and heat. The carbon sticks around the seed melt to form crystallized carbon. It is cooled with the utmost care to form the perfect pure carbon diamond.

CVD usually starts with treating diamonds produced by the HPHT process. The HPHT diamond is placed inside a sealed container. After that, it is heated to around 800 degrees Celsius. The container is filled with carbon-rich gases and the gases are then ionized into plasma. As a result of extreme heat and pressure, the existing molecular bonds break leaving behind the pure carbon. The pure carbon then sticks to the diamond seed. Gradually, the seed crystallizes into a pure carbon diamond.

The raw diamonds are created by these two processes. We produce diamonds, cut and polished in-house to maintain highest standard and precisions and we distribute through our offices and distribution partners. We crafts them into a diverse range of lab grown diamonds with different cuts, shapes, colors, and facets.

We keep in mind the 4C’s- Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat and inculcate the 4C’s in our craft. Our talented team of diamond makers put in their sweat and intricate craftsmanship for crafting a diamond that reflects you.

Every lab grown diamond crafted at Meraya goes under the proper grading and certification process. Once it is certified, it is displayed for sale.